The Doctor’s In The House!

The presence of Dr. Sabahat Farooq in our building 6 days a week is Oakwood Healthcare’s vital differentiator.

Dr. Farooq, an attending physician at Oakwood for more than a decade, is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine and is a Board Certified Diplomat in Internal Medicine. She parlays her wide swath of experience to spearhead our residents’ care– collaborating with our DON and her team, and making her rounds every morning, Monday through Saturday.

Her presence is key to getting our residents the treatment they need quickly as her ability to discern conditions that can be treated in-house such as mild dehydration or pneumonia without hypoxia from medically complex ailments that require hospitalization remains unmatched. Her careful analysis of each patient and forward thinking shows her passion and commitment to maintaining Oakwood’s effective delivery of quality care.

“I make these judgment calls daily. I can’t reiterate how important it is to actually listen to the nursing staff on the front line. If they are concerned about a patient, I take it very seriously,” states Dr. Farooq.”

Inspired by her father, a doctor, to pursue the field of medicine, she completed medical school in Pakistan – her native country. While a medical student she met and wed her husband, Dr. Umar Farooq, who is the current Medical Director at Oakwood.

Dr. Farooq resides with her family in Bensalem, PA, where she and her husband have a private practice, Knights Medical Associates, and are active members of the community.

“Having a doctor on premises daily with her level of knowledge, skill and experience, is tremendously reassuring to our residents and families.” – Administrator Sam Smith