Our outstanding level of resident satisfaction is reflected in the
positive testimonials we receive on a regular basis.

Everyone here did great for my rehab. I made great gains and can go back home on my own now.

–Joyce Mcfield

My husband is at Oakwood & has been at 2 other facilities. Oakwood was willing to take him on an AVAP machine & learn how to use it. His hemoglobin dropped & he had to go to the Hsp. again. When it was time to go back to rehab we requested Oakwood bc the nursing, therapy & cleanliness are top notch. Building might be old but staff are fantastic. Highly recommend for rehab.

–Sissy Johnston

Oakwood healthcare and rehab was very helpful nurses and staff. The rooms and hallways are keep clean. Having Ozzy , the parrot is a nice touch. Thank you.

–Joyce Snyder

As nursing homes go Oakwood Healthcare is a very nice one. The Staff are a mixture of all nationalities they are friendly, and professional and there’s a great security system for your love ones. Here’s hoping I never have to go to a facility… but if it was Oakwood Healthcare …..it wouldn’t be so bad lol!

–Lisa Ann Johnson

With my mom stayed at Oakwood Healthcare & Rehab Center. It has been a beautiful and pleasant experience. All personnel have been very kind, caring and helpful.
For me was very important to know that Medical staff and PT were well aware of my mom’s health needs.


It was a smooth sign in at Oakwood. Receptionist pleasant and helpful. The lunch room was clean and friendly environment. The staff asked each person if they needed ours wanted anything. Food looked pretty good and appetizing.

Glad to see my relative.

Sis Ham

My dad has been at Oakwood for several years and he has had a great quality of life there. The whole staff treats him with dignity and respect. The nursing and social work team keep me updated any time something needs to be addressed whether big or small. After moving him from a different home to this one, he has improved and it can only be attributed to the staff at Oakwood.

–Julie McIntyre

Our thanks to the day and night staff for the care and dedication you all provide to our mom. It was a difficult decision (one quite forced upon us) that our mother couldn’t be provided for any longer at home. Know that the care and dedication you’re providing has made this difficult time and adjustment easier. The family has been watching; not only the care you have provided for our mother while we are there, but we are watching you care for the ones without voices or family there. This tells the true story. This makes us feel better about our mother’s care when we cannot be there, because we see those people being well taken care of. We see you taking care of people cursing you out, calling you horrible ugly names, and smacking at you; yet you provide such loving care to them. This IS TRULY a CALLING and we THANK God for ALL of YOU. From the people who clean the floors and empty the trash, to the aides who clean our mother, the nurses who give her medications, and apply treatment to her wound, the doctors that are prescribing our mother’s medication, to the therapists getting our mom up walking, the therapist trying to help our mother keep her speech and memory, the occupational therapist, to the phlebotomist trying to get blood from our mothe’s wiggly tired veins, to the kitchen staff supplying the food that our mother will eat and, of course, the administration who have and are guiding us to provide this help to our mother. I’m sure some of you have been missed, but KNOW that YOU ARE ALL a part of the WHOLE to help care for our mother and the other people who need your help. We would like to thank Charlene Williams. From day one you provided a relief and comfort, and for the director who took on our mother. The day nurse, Fran, who consulted with us on our mother’s care, to Vivian, the nurse’s aide, who patiently washed, dressed, and positioned our mother so she is out of pain, (We see Vivian running from one end of the hall to the other where she’s needed).

Vivian should be the next employee of the month; she is unassumingly and quietly caring. As I said the family is watching. To the employee of the month (sorry for the spelling or mispronunciation), Adeza, for her caring, smiling ways. We have not mentioned you all by name, since we have not mastered remembering each name in the two weeks our mother has been there. For this we apologize. Words cannot quite describe all the GRATITUDE we feel, nor the simple cake (one of our mother’s favorite) to THANK YOU!!

Please accept this small offering in the spirit in which it was intended.

The Family of Joan Peden, C18

The staff are great. They are kind, courteous and treat the residents with respect. If I’m not there every day – I visit 6 out 7 days and never saw anything negative.
I do not worry about my mother Doris Bennett AKA Mom Mom living there. When I met with everyone there to decide if I wanted to place my mom there, they all made me feel like Oakwood was the right place. I still had doubts about placing mom there. I felt horrible that I could not personally take care of her. Charlene, the Admission Assistant, spoke to me on my way out and reassured me that it’s in mom’s best interest to place here. My mom made a connection with Charlene and she is great and treats our mom like family.

Dorann Matthews, Daughter

Excellent staff; they are very caring. Mom has been in assisted living and now needs care for dementia. Mom is getting better and staying at Oakwood for the time being.

Joyce Weger

Great staff, great communication, great service overall. I would highly recommend for anyone in need. My mom has been here for a year and she loves it. She has made new friends and feels at home. I am very grateful. Thank you!

Elsa Torres

I have been taking care of my mother for the past 13 years, as she has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses. It hasn’t been easy for me, but making the decision to put her in a nursing facility was an even harder pill to swallow.

I called Oakwood Healthcare and was fortunate enough to speak with the Head of Admissions, Charlene. I felt such comfort and compassion that I knew instantly I wanted to meet with her in person and discuss further. Upon arrival I knew I found the right place for my mother, and that she would be in good care. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for Charlene. Charlene, thank you for everything you have done for me and my mom.

Giuseppe Garofalo

I absolutely believe this is the place to be. The staff are good and friendly. They have a concierge who addresses your needs and make sure your stay is comfortable. Oakwood has nursing staff who care and administration who listens. I have never seen an activities department that has live entertainment weekly and the residents enjoy it. The residents are up and out of bed daily. I would place any of my loved ones at Oakwood.

Mrs. Brown

Good service… The nurses are nice to the patients.

Mark Ho

Out of all the rehabs that my mom has been to, this facility provides the best care so far! Nurses, front desk, and other staff members are attentive and kind. It’s not easy when your aging parent needs extra care and you can’t be there 24/7. I feel as though she’s in good hands. – Heather SteinbergThe Nurses and CNAs hustle and work very hard. I would recommend Oakwood to anyone looking for care for a loved one.

Jay Tee

I had a great experience here. Staff members were friendly and welcoming. They’re easy to talk to and answered all the questions that I had. – Lacey Murphey

I highly recommend Oakwood Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center. They have a whole team of professional physical and occupational therapists. The nurses and nurses aides are confident and compassionate. They all worked together and did wonders getting me back on my feet. Thank you Oakwood!!!

Louis Gatto

We are extremely happy with the care our loved one is receiving at the Oakwood Nursing Home. We have all learned so much about what matters as we age, and our loved one has taught us many of these lessons, along with Oakwood’s loving staff members. You have many caring people and should be so proud of that. Not only have they been on top of everything that has to do with our loved one, they have also treated us all as family. We cannot begin to even describe how thankful we have been especially in the most recent situation. The thing is, there’s no definite answer to when it’s time to put a loved one in a nursing home. Aging is different for every single person it affects, and the resources/opinions of family members vary, too. But when you know, you know. Even if it’s hard to convince your loved one that a nursing home is the right step, don’t give up on this matter. They’ll eventually come around when they realize all the support available in such a community, especially in Oakwood. Thanks so much for all the support and the continuity of care that our loved one is currently still receiving at this very moment. What a wonderful feeling to know that our loved one is being well taking care of. Thanks again to this wonderful community of healthcare workers, food prep, cleaners and all the wonderful staff members that make up Oakwood Healthcare and Rehab Center.

Vivian Fred

When I visit my mother I notice a beautiful glow. She can’t wait to tell me how much she loves Oakwood. My mother told me how much she enjoys going to therapy. The staff is warm and has lots of compassion, Oakwood feels like home. My mother was depressed, now she is totally alive and reborn. Thank you Oakwood for making my mother live again.

O. M.

I am so very happy that my husband is here; everyone who works here is very special. No matter what department they work in – the staff makes me feel that I am part of the family and I appreciate that.

Connie B.

The whole staff was very helpful and gave my loved one great care . . . He was well taken care of and enjoyed his stay. We thank you at Oakwood.

James B.

I want to thank you for the kindness you show to my husband Joseph. It’s like having an extended family, caring and loving him.

Annamarie K.

My mother has been very well cared for and is very happy at Oakwood. The staff has treated her with kindness and patience. While she is unable to voice her feelings and thoughts in a conventional way, she has been granted the dignity she deserves. I would also like to add that the staff members have been extremely responsive to me whenever I have asked for anything regarding my mother. I would and have highly recommended Oakwood to friends and business associates.

Felicia M.

I am very grateful and I feel very calm knowing that my mom is in a caring facility as excellent as you guys are.

Lillian S.

We were very happy with the great care our mother received. Everyone involved in her care is thoughtful, friendly and professional.

Joanne M.

Everyone at Oakwood was very nice and took the time to see if anything was needed. The care was excellent. We were happy with everything that was done for our mother.

H. K.

I want to thank all the staff at Oakwood Rehabilitation center for your excellent job. My husband, Boris Sitnikov has been in this center three times and each time they put him on his feet. Thank you so much for everything!

Jana Vendeland

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