Rehab Success! Janice Waddington

Janice Waddington arrived at Oakwood Healthcare & Rehabilitation mid-January after a very complicated hospitalization involving additional time in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. This unexpected health setback took a great toll on Janice and she found it very difficult to complete simple, everyday tasks and activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing and grooming. Her customized rehabilitation plan was focused on helping her regain her strength so she could independently complete these basic tasks and ultimately return home safely to her family.

From Janice’s first day at Oakwood she was very motivated to complete all her rehabilitation sessions, all the while attending dialysis three times a week! Janice bravely fought through the daily fatigue that dialysis causes and pushed herself to achieve and exceed her goals during her rehabilitation. We are very proud of Janice’s accomplishments, and wish her all the best as she returns home stronger and more independent.