We are extremely happy with the care our loved one is receiving at the Oakwood Nursing Home. We have all learned so much about what matters as we age, and our loved one has taught us many of these lessons, along with Oakwood's loving staff members. You have many caring people and should be so proud of that. Not only have they been on top of everything that has to do with our loved one, they have also treated us all as family. We cannot begin to even describe how thankful we have been especially in the most recent situation. The thing is, there’s no definite answer to when it’s time to put a loved one in a nursing home. Aging is different for every single person it affects, and the resources/opinions of family members vary, too. But when you know, you know. Even if it’s hard to convince your loved one that a nursing home is the right step, don’t give up on this matter. They’ll eventually come around when they realize all the support available in such a community, especially in Oakwood. Thanks so much for all the support and the continuity of care that our loved one is currently still receiving at this very moment. What a wonderful feeling to know that our loved one is being well taking care of. Thanks again to this wonderful community of healthcare workers, food prep, cleaners and all the wonderful staff members that make up Oakwood Healthcare and Rehab Center.
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