Oakwood’s In Full Bloom!

You can feel the excitement at Oakwood Healthcare now that Spring is here. Every year our residents and activities staff eagerly wait for the frost to subside and get their gardening gloves on to start planting the flowers for Spring and Summer.

We are fortunate to have “Enabling Gardens” outside the Main Dining Room. These gardens feature raised flower beds so that residents in wheelchairs can easily plant and tend to the flower gardens.

This year we are starting from scratch and will have fresh soil placed in the garden areas to provide nourishment to the annual flowers selected for the garden.

Fresh air can do wonders for our mood and health – so can sunshine. The sun’s rays cause the body to produce vitamin D and boosts serotonin levels in the brain.

Residents who are avid gardeners enjoy going out daily to plant and water the variety of flowers that are grown. When you come visit, take a moment to step outside to smell the flowers . . . and view our beautiful gardens.