Moving Forward After An Amputation. Never Say “I Can’t”

Inspiration comes from many sources. Ethel Driscoll could never have imagined that she would be exactly that to so many. Others might not have seen a “below-knee amputation” as a possibility for hope and a “New Day”. However, Ethel was determined to regain her strength and balance, relearn the skills needed to live independently, and prepare for the arrival of her artificial leg – and chose to do just that at Oakwood Healthcare. Our physical therapy team worked with her on desensitizing her residual limb area to avoid phantom leg pain and contracture.

Told to expect the delivery of her prosthetic in about a year, she was pleasantly surprised when it was delivered only 3 weeks later! Since she had exerted herself in therapy – doing her daily exercises diligently – she was well-conditioned and able to walk with it immediately after putting it on for the first time.

Ethel successfully reached her goals and is now able to walk with a rolling walker, dress herself, do her own skin checks, and independently manage her prosthetic and shrinkage. Our staff members are thrilled with Ethel’s progress and proud of the integral role they played in enabling her to move to Colorado to live with her daughter.

“My therapist Olga Golant really pushed me and motivated me to keep going. She told me to never say that I can’t, and that I will. That mantra really stuck with me and I kept saying ‘I will! I will! I will!’ in my room to help me get through this.”