February 20, 2021

Meet Our ADON

Jaime Blount

Jaime Blount, our Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON), has been at Oakwood Healthcare & Rehabilitation for more than six years. Jamie, who is a certified wound care nurse, started here at Oakwood as a part-time licensed practical nurse, upgrading her accreditation and becoming a full-time registered nurse, then a full-time unit manager. For the past two years Jamie has been working as our ADON alongside Barbara Lorman, our Director of Nursing (DON).

“Oakwood is a great place to work,” Jamie says. “I have learned a lot from my DON and gained a lot of experience.” In addition to supervising the three units here at Oakwood, Jamie makes rounds with our doctors, assists our unit managers, and manages scheduling and daily appointments.

Jamie, who was born and bred in Northeast Philadelphia, always wanted to be a nurse but put her plans on hold, choosing to get married and start a family first. She’s the proud mom of four beautiful children (now grown). Sadly, Jamie lost her husband when she was just 36 years old. Soon afterwards she decided to realize her dream of becoming a nurse, a challenge as a single mom with teenagers at home! Jamie set a strong example of hard work and dedication for her children. She put herself through nursing school, all the while working as a full-time certified nursing assistant (CNA), often studying during her work breaks.

Jamie attributes her success in part to having a very encouraging and supportive nurse supervisor. “A supportive mentor can’t be underestimated,” says Jamie, who attributes her success in part to a very supportive nurse supervisor.

Jamie moved to Bensalem about a year ago, and has a hairless cat, Cindy, and a dog named Chanel, whom many of our residents know and love. Before COVID, Jamie often brought Chanel in to visit with Oakwood’s residents. Thank you so much Jamie, for being such an important part of the Oakwood family!

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