Face to Face with Jae Leyson PT, DPT

What is distinctive about rehabilitation at Oakwood?

Our staff! It makes a BIG difference on the therapy side because it is clear to us all that we are NOT treating impairments. We are treating people – human beings with a life to live, dreams, and expectations. It is important to know our residents’ expectations, to communicate and find out their personal goals, and then customize the therapy goals as much as possible.

Residents want to resume their prior level of activity. While that might not always be possible due to various health factors, we customize the therapy to help each individual maximize their physical functioning.

The best part of your job?

Discharging a resident of course – is the climax of our relationship and occurs when residents attain their highest level of overall independence in terms of transfers, autonomous eating,
dressing etc.

Our residents return home with a comprehensive Discharge Packet that includes exercises to sustain the goals achieved in therapy, safety recommendations, as well as recommendations for levels of assistance they will require back at home, and the equipment that will make their life easier and more independent.

In your position, what makes you especially proud?

My pride & joy is our staff at Oakwood: Each therapist gives of their heart 100% to each resident – all the time! Our residents are in good hands.